How to improve your IELTS Score

IELTS (International English Language for Testing System) is designed to test the student’s proficiency in English language ability to work or study in aboard country. If you have a good score in IELTS many countries like Australia, Canada, USA, and the UK offers you to start your career and education. To clear this test easily one need to be strong in reading, writing, speaking and listening skill. Everyone may feel difficult in reading and writing session. Let us discuss how to face these two sessions and get a good score.

IELTS Three Golden Rule:

  • Keep in mind that this test is used to check your proficiency in the English language.
  • We should concentrate more on IELTS Books and IELTS Practice test in online.
  • Before attending the test be strong in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Speak in English daily as much as possible with your friends and family members otherwise use the internet. If you have a chance join IELTS Coaching Classes they’re you get time to practices with your friends. While attending classes you can speak with the native speakers your mistakes can be correct by them. Listen to radio, watch English movies, read newspapers and magazine, make a conversation in English, follow all this activates every day. Actively participate in English communities, groups in social media.

Listen to some interesting stories; choose one topic to start speaking for 10 – 15 minutes.  Make a record of it while you speak then only you know your mistake. If you are taking any IELTS Training take your recording to them they will help you to correct your mistake. Hear BBC news, listen carefully how to pronounce the word. Read aloud and recorded it, then hear it again you itself identify your mistakes where you pronounce the word wrong. Improve your reading skills this will help you to clear the reading session easily.  In the reading session, you have a time limit this is really a challenging task for everyone.

If you have good reading skills this helps you to find the answer quickly and move on the next session.Improve your vocabulary skills if you have a habit of reading daily you may cross more than 30 words find the meaning of the word. Make a note of that vocabulary before using those words first know where to use that words were to not use those words. Concentrate in grammar part also. If you feel difficult to practices alone join IELTS Coaching in Chennai to clear the test easily and make your dream true.