IELTS – Overview

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) most popular test that should be taken to work or study in aboard country to test their student’s proficiency in the English language. Many organizations, corporations, government agencies and universities, colleges recognize the IELTS score. University of Cambridge, IELTS Australia and British Council are jointly administered by IELTS. Every year more than 1.7 million of people are taking the IELTS test. More than 125 countries exam are conducted up to four times each month at 500 test centers.

 Candidates can choose the test center which is near to them. While applying for the test candidates will need to show any national identity card, recent passport size photo. In you, test center itself test application forms will be available. Depending upon your location your test fees will vary. There are many IELTS Coaching Classes will help you to guide you.

IELTS is Offered by British Council, there are two categories one is academic another one is general training. Those who want to work or to get  PR(permanent resident)  in English speaking countries they can take general training and academic training is for who want to study in English speaking countries.

Most of the candidates will go with General training and the band will be allocated from 0 to 10 usually people will get up to 6.5, but to get the priority test candidate will need 7.5 bands. Both academic and a general test will include reading, writing, speaking, and listening process. The test will be conducted for two days. Reading, Writing, and Listening will be conducted in a single day. Speaking test will be conducted one day before the test or after seven days.


The duration of the test is 20 minutes. At the time of test four sections will be conducted

  • Introduces about yourself
  • Face to face conversation
  • One minute topic
  • General topic

After two weeks of your exam, you can check your score through mail. As their wish candidate can take the test many times.

Reading, Writing, and Listening will be conducted for 3 hours. In Reading section 40 questions will be given for 60 minutes with three reading passages. Listening section will be conducted with three different types of recording for 30 minutes.  Written test will be conducted for 60 minutes two task will be given one is diagram representation  (150 words should be needed) another one is a general topic (250 words should be needed).

Attend IELTS Coaching Classes in Chennai to develop your skill in English. While taking classes they identify and correct your mistakes. Study materials will be provided by them. This will make you clear the test easily and enhance your career.


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